Well, it’s been a long few weeks running this last Facebook contest and trying to boost engagement on our Facebook page.  And by “a long few weeks” I mean “equivalent to pulling teeth”.  My whole goal was to get people talking and instead I’ve received a lot of radio silence.  I will say that there have been a few occasional extra ‘likes’ here or there and a random comment thrown in once a week or so, but that’s about it.

Has anyone had a similar experience?  How are you going about building engagement on your page?  I am a captivated audience of yours at this point if you have any success stories to share.  Or, at least share what definitely does not work so I can glaze over going down that road in the future.

I do have a few ideas for our next Facebook contest (which won’t be for a few more months) and I’m hoping that at least one of these ideas will be a lot more successful at getting people talking than our current contest has been.  Only time will tell I guess!