Social media platforms are a place to be creative. Make the most of marketing strategies by incorporating new ideas, thoughts, and plans. These approaches can vary from platform to platform. You can try one approach on Facebook for instance and another completely different approach on a platform like Instagram.  What is important to remember though? Consistency.

Even when you have multiple platforms to market your business on, remember that you are in fact marketing one business. Be sure that your brand is cohesive.  To start with the basics, you need to be sure that you have consistent information across all of your pages. Your entire online presence should reflect accurate and up to date details of your business. It helps to have a sort of master list of every single place your business is listed online.  Did you move to a new location? Pull up that list and change the address across every single site. You don’t want customers struggling to decide which site is accurate and which has the correct information listed for your business. If they can’t decide what information is actually correct, they’re going to keep scrolling to a business that is less confusing.

To take it a step further, you have to remain consistent with more than just your business details listed online. You have a company, a business, a brand –how are you going to market that brand? You may have different approaches across different platforms, like we talked about before, but you still need to give your customers an accurate view of who you are. What is your mission? What is your tone? Who are you as a business? This should remain consistent across all social media platforms.

When marketing online, your business has a persona. One persona. Five different personas across five different platforms is inconsistent and confusing. Your message gets lost on your followers. Having an online presence is allowing your customers to “get to know you” as a business. No one can get to know you if your personalities are so scattered.

This is where it helps to have one social media manager that handles all of your social media accounts. If you have multiple people handling accounts, you really need to sit down and determine tone and appropriate responses to remain consistent. Let your customers trust you by showing them that your brand is consistent.