When I last left you I was being sent across town to start all over in picking out my phone.  Unhappy newborn and two year old in tow, we trekked to the other side of town in hopes of getting this ordeal over with.  When we arrived at the next T Mobile store (at about 2 hours before closing) there were only two other customers in the whole store, so I had high hopes for a speedy visit.  My high expectations keep leaving me disappointed in these situations…

I was sent over there with instructions to speak with a certain person.  So, I waited about 15 min for him to finish up before I finally approached someone else and ask if they could please just help me because I had two ticking time bombs on my hands.  (Good thing I did, because that man ended up staying with those other customers an additional 3 hours.)  The girl was very helpful, grabbed the phone I wanted (Samsung Galaxy S4 – no I don’t need to pay extra for the S5 thanks), and then ushered me over to accessories.  

Me: “Oh, I don’t need anything else, thanks.”

Her: “We’re having a promotion with Isis Wallet, if you download the free app here in the store you get $50 in free accessories.”

Me: “Wow, awesome, pile it on then.”

Things were going swimmingly, she waived the pesky $10 fee that the other guy gave me a hard time about, and we were on our way.  I just had to download that Isis app… an hour later and it still wasn’t downloaded.  Two hours later and it still wasn’t downloaded. The problem was, I didn’t know we were waiting for just the app to download, I thought we were also waiting for my videos from my old phone to be transferred over.  So I waited, and waited, and waited some more.  My back was broken from bouncing a newborn for three hours.  My two year old had given up on touching everything in the store, had moved past a screaming tantrum because she was hungry, and was basically a zombie laying on the waiting chairs.

Three hours later and I said, I can’t wait anymore.  We need to leave.  Did I get that shiny new phone case for my troubles?  Nope.  The app didn’t download.  No accessories for you.

I got home at nearly 10pm, put the kids to bed, plugged in the infuriating phone, and didn’t touch it till morning.

When morning came, I had a nice text message from T Mobile saying that my data for the month started over today.  Also, my data for the month was also all used up while my phone was sitting on the charger.  Apparently, Samsungs like to run everything in the entire world in the background ALL. THE. TIME. 

I called T Mobile, because that’s my favorite past time by now, and they said they couldn’t help.  Turn off each running app, they suggested.  Great! It worked! For 4 minutes until they ran again.  You’ll have to increase your data to unlimited, they told me.  I laughed and hung up.  I had to turn to Google for a solution.  I found a hack and tried it.  It worked.  Success!

My user experience with a Samsung?  I’d rather pick up a rattlesnake than have to deal with that phone.

This whole ordeal happened about a month and a half ago.  I had to call T Mobile again to get their “Jump” plan taken off my phone. When I called, they tried to sell me again on extras for my plan.  I explained the journey and said, no thanks.  I was not pouring any more of my money into T Mobile or their products.  The lady was nice enough to give me $5 off my bill for the next 3 months.  For my troubles, you see.

That’s all you have to do folks, if you want to save $15.  Sit on the phone for hours on end.  Go to store after store looking for help.  Stand in said store for hours on end to fulfill their promotions.  Come home with a Samsung that sucks up your data, gets no service in your own house, and drops calls like that’s its job.

Thank you Samsung and thank you TMobile. It’s been real.

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