Whether your route is social media marketing, content marketing, or both –influencer marketing is an avenue that can help boost any sort of online campaign.  If you’ve been diligent about creating and posting new, unique, and relevant content on a regular basis, and you still aren’t getting the results you’re searching for, influencer marketing may be a smart next move for your business.

What is it exactly?

Influencer marketing is where brands get influencers (people with a large online following) to talk about, review, or share their products, services, and articles. It’s a type of marketing that focuses on using these key popular figures or market leaders to drive your brand’s message or products into the larger market. So, rather than you marketing directly to your followers, you are connecting with (or even hiring and paying) influencers to get out the word for you.

How is this beneficial?

Well, think of the following your brand currently has.  Maybe it’s large, maybe it’s small –the point is that your customer base is what it is.  With an influencer, you are reaching a completely new audience of potential customers and clients.  The thing about influencers is that they are influential.  They have a large following. It may just be because they are famous; it may be because they are an expert in their field.  Regardless, they have a large following and a powerful impact on those followers. Think of it as great publicity for your brand.

I think when most people consider influencer marketing, they think of having influencers review their products or services.  While this is a great option, there are so many more possibilities than that.  Consider content marketers.  Is your mission to get a big following on your articles and blog posts? Influencers that write about, and are experts on, the subjects that you are sharing can be valuable as well. Interacting with these people can allow you to develop a relationship where they can potentially start sharing your content with their followers instead of just the other way around.

A great aspect of social media is that it allows us all to connect. Whether you are a business just starting out or a well established brand that’s been around for years –the playing field is the same. You might not be as recognizable at first, but there are options like influencer marketing to help get your brand’s name out there.

You’ll have to decide what avenue is best for you. Some people do pay influencers to share information about their brand, products, and services.  Others go about it in a different way.  Consider actually connecting with and forming online relationships with these influencers.  Don’t just spam them with your content, but choose influencers that line up with your message and develop an interaction with them.  Share their content. Leave feedback and point others in their direction. Once you establish this relationship and interaction, they may return the favor.  People are more likely to endorse someone who they have a rapport with than someone they don’t.

Do you think that influencer marketing has to be paid for? What is your opinion on that? Is influencer marketing the obvious next step for social media and content marketers? What are your thoughts? Comment below!