This week we kicked off our first Facebook contest.  It’s a giveaway really.  We are literally giving away a $100 Visa gift card.  I was definitely optimistic going into this week that we were going to be wildly successful getting people to enter.  All folks have to do is ‘like’ the page if they don’t already, leave their first name and email, and TA DA they are entered.  Problem?  We only have one. single. person. who signed up.  I launched the contest on Monday and it runs through the last day of the month.  What am I doing wrong here?  I’ve promoted it across all our social media platforms –multiple times a day.  Am I missing something? 

I’m trying to give away money here folks; what’s the hold up?  My captions are things like “We’re Giving Away $100 Sign Up Here!”  If anyone is reading my posts here, go ahead and leave a comment with any advice you may have.  I’m taking any and all suggestions at this point!  I’m using hashtags on Twitter like #Giveaway #Promotion #Contest etc.  Do you think that people are just looking at it as spam?  Maybe they are worried I’m going to infect them with some crazy virus?  I honestly have no clue. There’s no gimmick here. No hidden subscription, no entering any personal info, no providing any payment details. Nada.

By the way, if you actually do want to be entered in the giveaway, feel free to follow this link and sign up.

I mean, you’re only competing against one other person –may the odds be ever in your favor.

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