If you’ve been following along here you’ll know that we launched a Facebook giveaway last week with VERY FEW people who have signed up.  Sign up closes this Friday, and the number of people engaging hasn’t budged.  Let me walk you through a few things I’ve tried in my attempts to increase engagement.

1. I shared the link to the giveaway over all our social media sites, every day, trying different times a day.

2. I tried different graphics associated with the post to get people’s attention and I also changed the wording on the posts a few times.

3. I have used hashtags like #promotion #contest #giveaway etc.

4. I’ve ‘boosted’ the post on Facebook so that more people would see it.

5. I wrote a blog post last week about the fact that I was hosting a giveaway to GIVE AWAY $100 and was having little engagement (in hopes that people would see it and sign up or see it and give me some advice).

6. I tried paid advertising on Facebook this week, in hopes that new visitors and ‘likes’ to the page would = new people signing up for the giveaway/engaging with the page.

Zero results.

My latest attempt to increase engagement with this giveaway was today.  I found several websites that list giveaways, promotions, and contests.  People who are into those sorts of things will go to the website and sign up for as many as they want.  I submitted our giveaway to several of them and I’m awaiting approval. Cross your fingers for me! Maybe that will be the traction we need.

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or share this post with someone who might know what to try next.  

Also, you can sign up for our $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway here: http://ow.ly/tZx0W 

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