When using content marketing to boost your online presence, you are also building your brand. Who do you want to be? What do you want your customers to see of you or think of you? Blog articles and original content are a great way to tell your business’ story. You can cover your expertise, your services, and who you are as a company.

When you’re thinking of original content to create, remember the idea of building your brand. Because you can show what you want, sometimes the most mundane of events in an organization can be great content to feature online. Are employees at the forefront of your organization? Interview them and post those articles! Have a regularly scheduled time to post each month where you feature another employee. When is your company’s anniversary? This is another great event to highlight. Are you involved in the community? Sponsoring any teams or participating in any fundraisers? Shine a light on these stories and share them with your followers.

When you incorporate company updates and news into your featured content, you are creating a blend of industry expertise that you are writing about and also an insider look into your business. You’re allowing your followers a chance to get to know your business which helps them to build a relationship with your brand. When you move locations, implement new strategies, integrate new software and more you are making updates that help you to be more valuable to your customers. So, share that information with them!

The content you write and the stories you tell are what makes your brand stand out. If you are an expert in your field, by all means –write articles about your field. Also consider giving followers a sort of behind the scenes view. Move beyond the technical once in awhile and focus on what makes your business tick as a whole.