In response to the resounding number of replies I’ve received (AKA crickets), I’ve looked back over our choices for Twitter contests. At this point, if I had to narrow down the choices, I’d pick one of two options. I’d be interested in either a “Tweet an Answer” contest or a “Picture Contest”. You can refer back to our last post for more info on these types of contests.

I think that the main reason I’d choose one of these is because they’re encouraging the biggest amount of engagement from twitter followers. Having followers simply retweet your post is great and all, but I feel like you lose the user once they click the ‘retweet’ button. I’d rather have them stick around and remain a part of the conversation.

What are your thoughts on it? Do you want a quick contest to easily track or a more creative contest that forces you to sift through the results? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!