Now that our Facebook contest has officially closed, the winners have been awarded, and we’ve all gone back to our regularly scheduled lives –I wanted to post an update about what’s happened since then. My big goals for this contest were to 1) get more subscribers to our weekly newsletter and 2) bump up engagement on our Facebook page. So let me just share what I’ve found…

So far, of the over 1850 people that signed up for our weekly newsletter, about 47 have unsubscribed. It’s been about 2 weeks now so we’ve had 2 newsletters go out. We still have over 1800 subscriptions and, at this point, I’m happy with that. The second goal of mine was to bump up the interaction on our Facebook page. Directly following the contest, people were definitely hyped up. We had lots of comments, shares, likes, and even an email (woo!). Now that it’s been about two weeks, the buzz has simmered down a bit. We are still getting a better organic reach than before and more likes as well. The occasional comment comes through also.

I have plans for two more contests coming up in second quarter. I’d like to shake things up a bit and try some new things. I really want to get people talking and sharing on our page so I think that the next contest should really focus on that. I want follower participation! Have any of you hosted any contests, giveaways, or promotions where you asked fans of the page to participate? How did it go for you?
Also, stay tuned tomorrow. I attended a social media marketing boot camp at the beginning of the week and I’ve got some juicy tips I’d like to share with the rest of you that I’ll be trying out over the next month or so.

As always, break the silence and leave me a comment or question below. I can’t have crickets forever!

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