We have some ideas for some upcoming articles; Maybe you have some interest in hearing more about some of them. Well, we need your help to decide what to write about next. Otherwise, who knows! We could be writing about baby seals or PSY’s next music video. Check out some of the article ideas below that we have come up with.

1.) Outsourcing Innovation – When is it ok?

This is a business management article, focusing on why it might be ok to let others come up with some innovative solutions to problems within your marketplace. Why an outside prospective is sometimes necessary to find a breakthrough idea. Why you might be getting in the way of your own success…

2.) Growth – Are you ready for the next step?

This is also a business management article, looking at pros and cons of growth and trying to provide some useful insight to see if you are really ready to take your business to the next level. You might not be…

3.) Too many hats? Delegate everything but your intellectual property.

A business management piece diving into tasks and letting go. It is so common for small business owners to try and wear all the hats. It is also common for managers and executives to try and hold on to duties, tasks and process that are familiar and safe when they should be delegating. A good opportunity to explore the transition from staff to manager and from manager to executive. What are you doing today that is holding you back from growth – you probably don’t even realize it…

4.) Interviewing – What to look for in someone.

A retail operations article exploring interviewing. Both sides of the interview process present challenges, but are you looking for the right things in potential candidates, or are you looking for that perfect candidate to present themselves? Finding the right person for the job is easier than you think if you know what to look for. The question is, are you looking for the right things…

5.) Franchise vs. Franchising – Which is right for you.

A retail operations article diving into what might be right for you. Are you a leader or follower? Are you a risk taker or risk adverse? Are you the maker of decisions or a creature or habit? Successful entrepreneurs have many characteristics, what are yours and how does that influence the right business model for you. You might be surprised to learn a little something about yourself. 

6.) Design – What ingredients make up good software design?

Here could be an article in the Software Development Life Cycle series. Do you know good software when you see it? Does software design speak to you on an unconscious level? When designing software do you follow the ‘intuitively obvious to the casual observer’ design method? Find out why some designs ‘just work’ and others ‘just flop’. How do your latest software designs measure up?

7.) Customers want features – Why develop a minimal viable product first?

This is another Software Development Life Cycle article. Customers always want more, more, more! Your competition has some truly awesome features, your stakeholders want you to check every box on the software comparison charts. Your design team and development staff are showing you cool stuff that could really set you apart from the competition. So what is all this noise about developing a minimal viable product about – it seems so counterintuitive to satisfying everyone. That’s because it is! If you are developing software then you might be wasting time, money and effort. Learn why MVP is the right choice – every time!

8.) Why not WordPress – Why we choose DotNetNuke.

A website design article. Why WordPress may not be the right choice for your next website project – or maybe it is the right choice. There are over 65 million WordPress websites on WordPress.com out there – Why DotNetNuke may be a better choice for some of them. If you have a WordPress website and you want to do more than just blog, you owe it to yourself to look at other options available. If you are looking, then you should look at what DotNetNuke has to offer. Never heard of DotNetNuke? Then you are gonna want to read this article…

9.) If you give a mouse a cookie, they are gonna want a glass of milk. So what do you need to do with your blog to attract followers?

Another website design article on content and site visitors. “If you build it they will come” doesn’t work on the Internet. You’ve got to go get them, make them pay attention to you, and then remind them that you have something interesting to offer them – over and over again. It you write great blog content – you need to provide ways for people to interact with you. Show them that you are a real person, someone who has interesting things to share with them. Also realize that you can’t please everyone. Discussion is a good way to get people to come back. Let’s use this article to explore website engagement and how to get people talking about you and talking to you.

Oh! What is this? Were we just talking about getting people to engage? What a bit of serendipity here because now I need your help! Which one of these articles would you like to see us dive into next? Hop over to our Q&A page, login or create an account and let us know or skip down to the comment section below and let us know your thoughts. Do you have another software development, website design or business consulting question? Then jump over to our Contact Us page and ask us. We want to hear from you and we are here to help. Think of all the calories that you are burning, hopping, skipping and jumping around our website.

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