Video content is huge and it’s continuing to rise in popularity. Not all video content is someone sitting in front of the screen and giving an interview. Often times the content is varied, creative, and in need of background music. This is where it can get a little tricky. It can be hard to find background music that is good quality and licensed as either creative commons or public domain.

Here are 3 great places to find background music for your video marketing campaigns:

The YouTube Audio Library

Through the YouTube Audio Library, there are a huge variety of free songs. These songs are available to users for free. They are licensed as public domain and creative commons. When accessing the audio library, you can search for songs by genre, instruments, length, mood and more. Create a YouTube account, head to Creator Studio, click on create and then audio library to get started.

The Free Music Archive

Through the Free Music Archive, you can search through a massive curated collected of public domain and creative commons music. If you’re searching for background music, this is a great resource that boasts over 1,500 tracks to look though.

SoundCloud Background Music

The SoundCloud Background Music page is filled with creative commons music. For those who don’t know, music that is licensed as creative commons is available for free as long as you use the tracks within the guidelines that were established by the artist. These can vary. This resource offers a ton of variety and free music for background video purposes.

As always, when searching for media online, you have to be sure to check your sources. You can run into legal trouble if you’re not using media as directed. This goes for photos, music, text and more. Do you have any more free resources for finding music to add into and enhance your video content? Comment with your favorites below!