For those that use MailChimp as part of their email marketing strategy, you’ll be happy to know that MailChimp now has a new dashboard that provides easy access to important metrics, shows trends over time, and provides tips to improve marketing strategies.  These new features and sections really tailor make the marketing experience. MailChimp has already been easy to use and a great tool for marketers, now they are improving even further on that.

The ‘Explore MailChimp’ section suggests features to try based on your current account usage. This is great for those who have been using MailChimp for awhile, but may not be fully utilizing all that it has to offer.  This is a way for MailChimp to evaluate how you’re using your account, what tools you can use to change and improve, and then help you execute those changes. Once you have tried one of their recommendations, that one will then be replaced with another.  This allows you to keep growing and improving.

Another great feature is the ability to track revenue and orders.  MailChimp allows user to connect their stores to their MailChimp account. If you’ve done this, you can see aggregate e-commerce data for the stores on your account.  The revenue portion shows users total revenue earned through MailChimp campaigns during specific time periods (7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 6 months). This is a great way to track your marketing efforts and see how they translate into profits for your business.

MailChimp hasn’t stopped at tracking revenue and orders –they are also helping to maximize content. There are tips that suggest articles and best practices to users.  You can also track your audience to see how they are responding to the content that you are sending out. The audience section allows users to track number of subscribers, where those subscribers came from, compare growth rates between periods, track views, review bounce rates, and more.

Part of the MailChimp overhaul helps make it easier for users to check their stats –even on the go.

From MailChimp:

As part of the dashboard redesign, we’ve also updated the weekly account summary email to show Store, Audience, and Campaign Engagement metrics so you can monitor your stats without signing into your account. The email will also point you to relevant Knowledge Base articles that explain each data point in more detail and suggest ways to improve your marketing. […] Next month, we’ll be introducing similar dashboard updates in MailChimp Mobile for iOS and Android. All of the functionality we’re bringing to the dashboard will soon be in your pocket. Track revenue and orders, view subscriber performance, and measure campaign engagement—all from the comfort of your own phone.

As someone who has used MailChimp as an email marketing tool for years, I can attest to their continued growth and attention to the details that are important to marketers.  These improvements will certainly help users grow active and new campaigns.

Who has experience with MailChimp’s new dashboard and features? What has your experience been so far? Is there still more that you wish they had in the way of tools and features? Let us know what you think, comment below!