Recently, we’ve begun using polling in our marketing approach to get a little feedback from our followers and readers.  I should say, recently, we’ve been attempting to use polling in our marketing approach.  Why is that? Well, elections aside, this polling stuff is for the birds.  We’re not even registering people to get their vote here –this should be much simpler than it is. 

Our polling experience, so far, has been a few glances and a whole lot of tumbleweeds.  We’re asking questions about topics that our followers are reading.  People who do see the polls though, aren’t answering.  Why is that? What is it about a multiple choice question that makes people run the other way? We do live in a time of impatience and instant gratification.  Maybe it’s a “what’s in it for me?” mentality.  Perhaps if the poll doesn’t end in telling you what kind of pizza you are, it’s not worth taking.

As you can see, it’s a point of frustration. As someone who creates and curates content that our followers and readers want to have, it’s important for me to know what it is that my readers are looking for.  Do you want more tips on social media marketing? I’ll write them. Do you want more information on working with a consultant? I’ll provide it.  Polling can be a great tool to find out what it is that people want to know more of.  That is –if they answer the poll.

Maybe it’s the approach.  Maybe the way a poll is worded needs to be more interesting or attention grabbing. Maybe there does need to be something in it for the poll voter. A bit of information at the end that they want to receive? We’ll have to experiment.  In the meantime, what have your experiences with polling been? When you come across a legitimate business poll, that simply wants to get a little more info to meet your needs, do you skip right past it? Why is that? What would make you stay?

We want to know your thoughts! Comment below!